Organisation: ProPublica and The Electionland Coalition

Electionland was the largest journalism collaboration ever dedicated to covering a single breaking news event. We had 1,100 journalists working on...

Organisation: The Globe and Mail


Organisation: Rutas del Conflicto

Rutas del Conflicto is an online and independent media that gathers information from the armed conflict in Colombia through journalistics...

Organisation: Berliner Morgenpost

In 2014, the Berliner Morgenpost established an interactive team consisting of a full-time data journalist, two part-time web developers and a...

Organisation: La Stampa

We want to solve this problem: in a period of information overload news are more and more complex and the readers are more and more alienated by...

Organisation: IndiaSpend

To democratize data critical to savings thousands of lives, IndiaSpend is happy to announce the launch its own network of low-cost sensors to...

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