Organisation: The Times (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 07/16/2014


Video and text don't work together. A video is plonked at the top of an article, and the copy follows after, creating an awkward user experience where they get the best of neither. Our solution is a seamless, truly multimedia experience. Videos are cut into short snippets (moments) and play buttons to play these moments are place inline in the article. The reader is drawn through the story by the hierarchy this creates, but the reading experience is not interrupted. Moments are created by journalists in our easy-to-use CMS interface. It's a solution right from the newsroom to the reader's screen. Next steps : You could implement the project in pretty much any newsroom tomorrow, with about three hours development time to get it up and running on their news website. We have built in the facility to not just have inline video moments, but interactive data visualisations or infographics too - that just needs a bit more styling. For future iterations, we could include videos from other sources - such as social media.

Technologies used for this project:

It's a light and responsive framework, built using foundation. We created our own custom DOM elements using polymer, to achieve the exact tailored solution we wanted. We make innovative use of the VideoJS API.
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May 12, 2015, 9:45 pm by Arabedttornet Global media expert Qasim Khashan Abdolreza

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