“Mushrooms Stealers” vs “Piss Beaches”

“Mushrooms Stealers” vs “Piss Beaches”

Organisation: Diariodenavarra.es (Spain)

Publication Date: 03/30/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


The rivalry has been extended for time immemorial: the Navarres accuse their Basques neighbours from stealing their delicious mushrooms. Supposedly, revenge arrives with the summer, when Navarres invade their shores during vacations but don’t spent a penny. The original data belongs to the Report of the Health Status of the Beaches of the Basque Country 2014 and the Hotel Occupancy Survey of the National Statistics Institute of 2005-2014. From these databases, we created, cleaned and worked with Google Drive and Tableau two downloadable datasets with percentage, absolute and geolocated data data presented in the Basque Country and Navarra visualizations. This is a descriptive analysis of national tourism presented in an entertaining way through the topic of "mushrooms stealers” and “piss beaches”, the terms navarres and basques use to name each other. This project was the winner of the data journalism hackathon, an event of 36 hours of journalism, technologies and networking at the XXIII Euskal Encounter.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

“Mushrooms stealers” vs “piss beaches” is an interactive test in a gamification formula that breaks an old topic between the visits of the Basque and Navarre to their neighboring communities through the data. The data presented in the report reflects the movement of travelers to and from the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre between 2005-2014. This project was the first project that we made with our own coding at 100%.

Technologies used for this project:

This test-based game was built with the idea of guiding the user through a set of funny question to show if the myth among Basques and Navarres is right or wrong. First, the user has to select if he wants to know if the "mushroom stealer" myth is true or if the "piss beach" myth is true by clicking on the mushroom or in the umbrella. Then, it has to chose (in both of the paths) if he thinks that the topic is true. In both cases, it seems that the myth is not true and we show why supported by a bar chart that shows the hotel occupancies. After that, we ask the user if the results are influenced by time of the year. We show that, in fact, even if we only consider the summer time for "piss beach" and the mushroom season for the "mushroom stealers" the hotel occupancy is not significantly affected by this date range. Finally, we show to the user the status of the beaches on the Basque Country and the best places to begin to “steal” mushrooms in Navarre. This project was the first project that we made with our own coding at 100%. For this project we used HTML, CSS, Materialize (for the first time as well), a lot of jQuery to control the slides, hover and clicks events on the page and of course, D3.js and Tableau for the visualizations in the project.


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