10 real solutions

10 real solutions

Organisation: Almasry Alyoum (Egypt)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


The application is a ten-question survey about the most important topics that the next parliament should offer real solutions for it. In Egypt we are facing two big problems: 1- Candidates don’t offer real solutions in their programs. For example the say “We will solve the security problems”, OK, But How??!! .. No, Answers. 2- People don’t read the candidates programs and even they read it they usually make their decision build on passion not on the reality of the solutions offered by the candidates. What is the difference? What will make our survey different from the other normal surveys is that we will try to get a solution for the two previous problems.

Technologies used for this project:

1- The user interface will use JQuery in interaction between users and solutions. 2- The application will call a Jason file contains the questions. This JSON file takes its data from database when there are some modifications in the questions. (This is for a performance issue to decrease the number of database callings). 3- Answers will be ordered randomly every time to maintain any biases. 4- Spam preventing: The same IP will not be able to access the application more than 3 times per hour. 5- We will use Google visualization tools to display the final chart. 6- The back end interface will control the data of questions and solutions also it will be able to monitor voter’s locations, IPs and countries. 7- The back-end will developed over PHP/MYSQL. 8- Database design is attached.


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