144 Stories - Remembering lives lost in the Peshawar school attack

144 Stories - Remembering lives lost in the Peshawar school attack

Organisation: Dawn Media Group (Pakistan)

Publication Date: 03/26/2016


Size of team/newsroom:large


144 Stories is a six month long project undertaken in 2015 around the massacre of 144 children and teachers at the Army Public School, Peshawar. A team of producers and reporters visited 144 families and collected their stories, which were built into an interactive feature: http://www.dawn.com/news/1223313/144stories-remembering-lives-lost-in-the-peshawar-school-attack that was read by hundreds of thousands, defining the one year anniversary across mediums.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

The APS project is now the key reference in Pakistan (and arguably globally) for understanding the loss, the human face of this tragedy. It is a unique local example of how data from a terror incident can be visualised. The response to the project was astounding. It is the first of its kind endeavour in Pakistan and elicited feelings of both heartbreak and pride among our readers. The best part for me was the readers’ acknowledgment of the project as one which allows them to believe in journalism again – an admission I consider an enormous victory in a country where people are generally so sceptical about the news. The link below is from my most recent interview about the project, published on the International Journalists' Network site: https://ijnet.org/en/blog/144-stories-project-dawncom-memorializes-one-pakistan%E2%80%99s-biggest-tragedies

Technologies used for this project:

The main story was filed in a website CMS (backend) The top photos were uploaded to Google slides and embedded Each profile was uploaded with photos to Slides.com com and embedded to the story page
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