2 Minutes to Understand

2 Minutes to Understand

Organisation: Superinteressante Magazine (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/11/2017


2 Minutes To Understand ("2 minutos para entender") is a video project that has as purpose of explaining complex topics in up to 2'59". To achieve this, we use drawings, pictures, and even actors to represent numbers that, in the most cases, are hard to visualize. It’s a monthly project, and the theme of the video is always based on the event we judge the most relevant (and complicated) among everything that transpired within the previous 30 days. Playing by this rule we approached a huge diversity of topics. On June 2016, for example, Brazil was terrified by the case of a group rape that took the most important headlines in our country. So, in that month, we made a video gathering all the data regarding rape culture in Brazil (http://bit.ly/2osjGk1). Other cases were: a video explaining how the Brazilian prison system works (http://bit.ly/2p0kGd5), following the biggest prison massacre in our history; another video explaining our congress (http://bit.ly/2okxJaX), when it was judging Dilma Roussef’s impeachment; and another about racism in our country (http://bit.ly/2okz4OW), launched on the National Day Against Racism. Our goal is to impact the largest audience as possible, helping people to understand their community problems - something that may as well change our country. For this, we use as platform one of the leading, and more respected news Magazine in Brazil, Superinteressante, which has more than 4 million likes on Facebook, and runs more than 200,000 copies every month.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

The project is innovative because of it’s purpose, and how we aim to achieve it. To explain all these complicated subjects, we use simple tools, such as paper and pen. During the development of the project we progressively learned a few more tricks, but always maintaining the same visual structure: a narrator, drawings, and some writing. One good example of this is our most recent video (http://bit.ly/2okp8U8), about violence against women. In this production, we drew and wrote on the body of two models. Our impact is huge here in Brazil. On Facebook, our videos reach millions often. Many of our productions were exhibited on medical colleges, and even in governmental websites.

Technologies used for this project:

Camera: Canon, 70D, 24-70mm lens Editing software: Adobe Premiere Microphone: Sennheiser Sound Recorder: Zoom Aditional equipment: 5 LED lights Drawing material: simple office stuff, such as flip chart paper, markers, acrilic paint, poska pens.
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