2016, Have you followed up?

2016, Have you followed up?

Organisation: Xinhuanet (China)

Publication Date: 04/09/2017

Size of team/newsroom:small


The mini film reviewing the year of 2016 was produced and published in the end of 2016. The film caught an idea from an old Chinese saying, the unexpected things always happen understandably. Beginning with Trump`s election, the film was composed with 8 short stories which were significant to China as well as the world. They are American Presidential Election, Brexit, AlphaGo, the historical win of China women's national volleyball team, G20 in Hangzhou China, rules for online car-hailing service, flood disaster in Southern China and CZ-5`s launch. All of them were rationally and vitally narrated and designed with acrobatic infographics, so that the audience could learn both the facts and the inducements.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Year reviewing project is a kind of tradition for media groups in China. We Chinses love to sum up and reconsider the past so as to plan for a better future. It`s usual to do the project via motion graphics, interactive storytelling, video clipping, but few tells a story with data. So we do it. By using the technique of One Take, a smooth experience was formed in the whole story. To make it both impressive and reasonable, acrobatic motion graphics were created based on visual-reality effects. For the proposal of the script, it was wrote to tell the audience, all things have the other side, so never see the world extremely.

Technologies used for this project:

Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop


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