50 Years of Migration

50 Years of Migration

Organisation: derStandard.at (Austria)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


We want to show bilateral migration flows over the years, so our interactive web-app is a combination of a chord diagram with a timeline. Both are interactive, so that the user engagement is high and the data is in a smooth way explorable. The big picture is the migration flow from every country in the world to every other country; in the detail view the user views the data of only one country or compares two. We want to hold the usabilty barrier deliberately down - every editor in the online newsroom should be able to fill the backend forms easily and without help from IT staff. The app can and should be adopted to visualize various topics, so that it can be a perpetual part of the interactive toolkit of derStandard.at.

Technologies used for this project:

The whole visualization in the frontend is built with the D3js-library. As we want to build a sustainable app, we need a backend content management system. The detailed technical specifications of the backend have to be arranged with the developers of derStandard.at, because it has to work in our ASP.NET framework. This is mandatory for all our projects, and they have some sort of expertise in deciding which database fits well in our server infrastructure. We worked recently with Umbraco, so maybe this one will be the CMS of our choice.
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