523 - fire data with context

523 - fire data with context

Organisation: Público + Bright Pixel (Portugal)

Publication Date: 10/28/2017


523 is a dashboard aimed at journalists that puts fires in each portuguese municipality into context. It offers historical data on fires, forrest management, meteorology and demography. As well as updated weather forecasts and fire risk. It also offers social media (Twitter) and news feeds about each municipality. The user is also able to compair the situtation in two different municipalities and also have access to general data from the whole country. All the data comes from official sources. With this tool we aim to solve an issue very common in newsrooms when a wildfire breaks: lack of context information for a given place and little time to search for it. With 523 the data that already exists but is dispersed in several different websites can easily and quickly be accessed here. It will serve two different types of coverage: it will be useful as background information for the journalists that cover the wildfires on the spot, and can be used by the journalists in the newsrooms to easily enrich their stories with extra information. It will be possible not only to look at the information but to also embed certain graphs on the website. Regarding implementation, the tool will be shared specifically with newsrooms, but it will be open for anyone to use at all times. Project participants: Isa Costa, João Pina and Rita Costa

Technologies used for this project:

To develop 523 we used Slim PHP, to create the API. Then using Mongo DB we developed a database to store and agreggate the data. Everything is hosted on github pages. To build the Frontend we used the Bootstrap framework.
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