80 years of summer

80 years of summer

Organisation: Público (Portugal)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



80 years of summer (80 anos de Verão) An interactive chart showing weather, wildfire, and beach and water quality information for the past 80 summers in Portugal. A marker identifies years in which key events took place - the hottest summer since 1931, the start of the Blue Flag beach program, among others - allowing the reader to explore each milestone in depth. The article accompanying the infographic ("There's never been a summer like this? That's not true") uses that same data to explore the - sometimes wrong - idea the public has about record weather extremes. A version of the project as also published in the newspaper's print edition. Credits: Joaquim Guerreiro, Ricardo Garcia (managers) Ricardo Garcia (journalism) Cátia Mendonça, Célia Rodrigues, Joaquim Guerreiro (infographic design) Andrea Espadinha, Dinis Correia (web design and development)

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