Organisation: India Water Portal (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017


Newsrooms are important sources of information, ideas as well as opinions for most people around the world. What appears in the news and how they are presented play a huge role in shaping the opinions and perspectives of the readers. Journalistic writing we see today, however, is consciously or unconsciously creating, maintaining and propagating gender bias. As people working in the news space, the onus lies on us to create an inclusive world. This writing tool highlights words and phrases that could be gender biased. This tool assists journalists, reporters and writers in writing articles that are gender neutral. The goal is to build a library of words and phrases that could tilt the gender balance of articles.

Technologies used for this project:

It's developed as front-end tool that works in the browser using javascript as the primary language. Currently, the data used for classification is coming from an associative array, for larger data set we have to use a backend data source in combination with a machine learning tool like TensorFlow. Current MVP is independent and can work on client side of the limited set of classification.
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