ANA - artificial intelligence

ANA - artificial intelligence

Organisation: (Romania)

Publication Date: 04/17/2016


ANA is a bot based on artificial intelligence whose main purpose is to prevent and early diagnose medical disorders. Making use of open data bases, ANA attempts, while having a conversation with the user, to convince the him/her go see a doctor by providing information such as the rate of the latest tumor cases or cardiovascular illnesses in the user’s living area, it tells the user which is the life expectancy in his/her living area and it makes comparisons to similar indicators from throughout the country.  By using a natural language, learning the context and adapting the answers, ANA makes the analysis of the feeling conveyed by the conversation and learns, on one hand, about data related to the unique user’s interests and, on the other hand about the conversational context from all communications carried out with users. The final aim is to convince the user to go for a periodical medical preventive check-up every six months and it reminds him/her, provided there is an agreement on this matter, once in a six months time, of the check-up, via a message. During those six months, ANA sends the user stories on healthy life and initiates new conversations based on other sets of data: - it asks you how long have you been sitting for, whether you work in a corporation and it generates reminders to motivate you to move around and exercise - it asks you what you are eating and it calculates the number of calories your snack covers, but it also provides pieces of advice on a healthy diet - it asks you how much time do you sleep, it learns to set up "wake up" calls, and reminders to “go to sleep" and it periodically generates reports on your sleep, providing pieces of advice for a more restful sleep.

Technologies used for this project:

The ANA prototype uses the WIT.AI, NODE JS, PHP engine. It is connected to the API of Facebook Messenger, it can be connected to the API for SMSs, API for newsletters, and embedded in website.
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