App of cards

App of cards

Organisation: Brief (Poland)

Publication Date: 03/31/2015


Visualizing elections - polls, buzz monitoring, analysis What App of cards does: - shows the internet buzz about both the elections and each candidate and how it correlates with the polls - provides useful indicators helping understand the campaign While analyzing the election campaigns, media are talking too little about hard data. Media provide nice charts that show results of the polls, we know how many votes each candidate received, we know the turnout. And that’s it. Journalists and experts analyzing election campaigns examine only discourse. They speculate how the candidate’s behavior or statement may affect the polls. They show no hard data, however. With App of cards we want and we can show how the buzz on the Internet correlates with the outcome of the election. In the media there is such thing as the terror of the polls. Hardly anyone focuses on how the voters perceive each candidate. Expert’s opinions are based more on intuition than on hard data. But not us. Thanks to the cooperation of our application with Internet monitoring tool Brand24, we measure sentiment of mentions about each candidate. Also thanks to the API Brand24, App of cards show what’s being said in the campaign - we monitor the most important topics of the campaign and all references to it that appear on social media, online forums, blogs or websites. In the media there’s a lack of a discussion about the effectiveness of political marketing during the campaign. With App of cards every voter and every journalist is gaining access to clear indicators. After the elections, we show a very important indicator - cost per voice. We collect data on the number of votes gained and spending on campaigns, which allow us to estimate the cost of acquisition of one vote. Furthermore, based on the data provided by the electoral bureau App of cards shows the profile of the average voter of each candidate. Last, but not least, App of cards provides analysis on the campaign, which will be prepared by both journalists of the „Brief” magazine and invited experts. Furthermore, each analytical material will be based on the data visualized in the app.

Technologies used for this project:

API Brand24,, Adobe Photoshop, PHP
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