Are anti-religious hate crimes surging?

Are anti-religious hate crimes surging?

Organisation: Paris Match (France)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


In addition to datajournalism projects in Paris Match magazine, we regularly publish short stories specifically for the Paris Match website. This project was inspired by several stories about anti-religious acts. We wondered whether it reflected a real explosion of these crimes and if it was linked to the attacks in Paris and the rise of the far-right in France. We could easily find a press release –pdf format- mentioning different figures for 2015, but nothing was available as open data for the previous years. After having contacted the Interior Ministry several times, we finally obtained various datasets (in various formats). The statistics confirmed an explosion of anti-Muslim acts and threats last year, whereas they were relatively rare throughout the three years prior. Nevertheless, they remain less common than anti-Semitic acts and threats. Click on the "Presentation" link to access french version. // Team: two journalists

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This "online only" project was made very quickly with an easy-to-use tool, that allowed the journalists to work without a graphic designer and without sacrificing journalistic purpose. Instead of using the infographics inside an article, we chose, as we frequently do, that they should occupy most of the space. The text is here only to provide context. This project features datasets that were only available at the Interior Ministry. We put it in the “individual portfolio” category to provide a notion of the diversity of our datajournalism work for DataMatch, the datajournalism team of Paris Match.

Technologies used for this project:

Excel for data treatment before publication and for the creation of animated infographics.
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