Argentina's Senate Expenses 2004-2013

Argentina's Senate Expenses 2004-2013

Organisation: La Nacion (Argentina) (Argentina)

Publication Date: 06/04/2014



Data Driven Investigation (Large Newsroom) After finding out that Senate have published expenses since 2004 in raw PDFs, some of them as images and completely unstructured, LA NACION data team managed to scrape, transform, normalize and structure three datasets into one and began an interrogation process that included front page stories, replies from actual and former Argentina´s vice presidents (senate presidents), and caused the reopening of a judicial investigation over vice president Amado Boudou regarding these expenses.

Technologies used for this project:

Project phases and tools: 1) Application based in Excel Macros (and VBA) to download files (searches in 4 different site sections). 2) Remove PDF´s protection against printing and copy. 3) Convert PDFs with Onmipage 18. 4) Analyze and parse data. 5) Generate a 33.000 rows dataset in excel. 6) Macro that analyzes the 33.000 rows searching for the "SECURITY AGENTS", name of Senator, number of bodyguards, destination , dates and money requested. 7) Microsoft Project to generate a Gannt chart that showed in a time line the distribution of the trips, and their overlaps. 8) Tableau Public for interactive datavizes.

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