Armed and dangerous

Armed and dangerous

Organisation: The Indian Express (India)

Publication Date: 03/01/2015



In India there is no authority which keeps the consolidated number of arms licenses issued to private persons. Using Right to Information (RTI) Act, I tried to collect this data. This was a tedious job as I had to file around 700 RTI applications in four years and despite that I was able to get the number of only half of the country. The story was published and it created huge impact and India's Home Ministry has decided to have consolidated data of such licenses at central level and with effect from October 31, 2015 Indian government will have the details of such licenses at central level. Preparations are going on for that.

Technologies used for this project:

Challenge was to collect the data which was scattered in 644 districts and governments never bothered to have consolidated figure. But once I started filing RTI applications government awaken and initiated policy changes. So, I used RTI Act to collect the figures which were earlier not available. With persistent efforts through RTI I was able to collect some information which impacted government to initiate policy changes.
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