Ask Anything

Ask Anything

Organisation: Sanoma Lifestyle (Finland)

Publication Date: 04/14/2016


Kysy mitä vain (Ask Anything) is an application where you can ask questions and get answers from peers. People have strong need to get peer answers on their everyday life and they are asking a lot of questions online. Sometimes opinion means more than a fact. The idea is to use discussion material produced by existing communities. Sanoma Lifestyle has ten magazine brand websites with discussion boards. There are about 2M discussion threads with tens of millions comments. In the app user can search already existing peer answers from discussion forums and/or submit their own question. Answers are displayed on the application. User is notified on new answers. It seems that question based threads have higher quality and encourage more positive interaction between users.

Technologies used for this project:

Design was made with Adobe Illustrator. Service uses existing discussion board material from Sanoma, it is stored into ElasticSearch for language aware full text indexing. Prototype application was made with Corona SDK, a free cross-platform mobile development tool.


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