Organisation: Newscorp Australia (Australia)

Publication Date: 03/02/2018


There are 1 BILLION monthly users world-wide and more than 4.5 million websites using google maps - but News outlets don’t use it to identify where stories are breaking around them - We are determined to change that. Local publication networks have a big problem - they are disconnecting from the community as resources dwindle and mastheads close. News outlets across the country are seeing a lack in native views to local content. This results in less time spent on pages and decreased cross navigation to other stories relevant to the audiences, ultimately impacting ad revenue and our bottom line. The NewsCorp Australia team are providing a visual discovery tool that incentivises community news in a way that is not currently available. We have designed an asset that will present news, using Google Maps, in a visual format that geolocates stories in a community. Some of the most influential applications use maps to increase user experience and the level of engagement in their product - take Airbnb and Realestate.com.au as an example, successful business models use maps to tell their story, why don't we use to tell the news? The NewsCorp Australia team are convinced that we have a solution that will not only increase engagement but also connectivity in local communities. This will dramatically increase time spent discovering new content on our webpages, which results in increased user experience, awareness in other related content and the ability to increase ad revenue through higher click through rates. Our asset, dubbed Avenews, would be targeted at potential NewsLocal masthead subscribers to change and enhance user experience. The NewsCorp Australia team believes this asset would increase the profitability of each individual story published by our network of mastheads in two ways. The first would be increased time and click through rates to other content with the use of the discovery tool, leading to higher ad sales revenue. The second would be an enhanced user experience which would encourage the opportunity for subscriptions to NewsLocal content. Are you interest in social issues, local real estate, crime or sport? Avenews gives you the opportunity to personalise the content you experience and block out the rest. In an age where news is global and disconnected, Avenews links audiences with their local community

Technologies used for this project:

Avenews is a simple layering tool partnered with Google Maps API. The discovery tool would be presented as an iFrame in every story on our webpage, using existing metadata collected when publishing online. The Avenews iFrame is published through NewsCorp Australia's Kurator system, which saves and ingests metadata, allowing the formatting and publishing of data, including but not limited to location. NewsCorp Australia's current publishing system, Methode, already provides the opportunity to submit a location when publishing content online. The NewsCorp team has used Adobe XD to prototype the functionality of the tool, as well as Google Maps Developer API to assess the system using real data from published content. Implementation: Use of natural language processor to extract data Use machine learning within context of a taxonomy to auto classify and geo-locate articles terms Based on information extracted build a Google Map widget which can embed on any page of application


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