Ballot Brief: Election 2012

Ballot Brief: Election 2012

Organisation: KCETLink (United States)

Publication Date: 06/04/2014



For the 2012 presidential election, we avoided the horse-race style of political reporting by focusing on explanatory journalism and data analysis and visualization to help voters get the information they needed to make a decision. As we are a local station, we concentrated on California.

Technologies used for this project:

For the campaign finance data, we used Google Docs almost exclusively. We created scripts within the Spreadsheets app that would fetch all of the data from the state website and also help us to identify duplicates. We also had to manually refine the names of people and companies so that they would sum together properly. For the live election results, we used custom javascript, jQuery, and the Google Maps API to parse and display results from each county and political district.

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