Organisation: Hidden Pockets (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017


Problem There is a lack of sufficient or correct information available about sexual and reproductive health for all sexes. Objective: The objective of our project is to understand the awareness levels of people in different cities and also educate them with respect to a specific sexual health issue/topic. Solution The solution that we have designed is a game that will talk about sexual and reproductive health issues in a fun and interesting through the character: Suraksha, the journalist warrior! Target audience: Women who are 18 years and above User Experience & functionality • The player would be initially asked age, gender (male, female, other and don’t want to disclose) and city • The game would be customized according to the city of the player. • The idea is to educate the player about public health service provider or services in their city for any sexual health issue • This prototype focuses on abortion covered in four levels: Diagnosis, where to go, what to ask and avoiding it in the future • Other topics that the game would cover in future versions are: o Contraception o HIV o Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) o Cervical Cancer o In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) o And others • This game will be updated every two months with a new version of the game covering a new topic. Implementation • Implemented in Tier I & Tier II cities for now • Languages: Start with English. Hidden Pockets does content in English, have recently started producing content in Hindi and Kannada. We are also working on introducing content in Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam • Implementation will be done through our on-ground workshops with different organisations. • Dissemination through other on-ground partner non-profit organisations that we work with – CREA, YP Foundation, TARSHI, Enfold India Foundation, Nirantar, Samartyam and Anjali • Dissemination through other partner organisations that work in the areas of adult toys and contraceptives for now • Future: Would like to partner with beauty salons and parlours because this is another destination frequented by women Monetisation • Charge on-ground partners and other partners for content creation and dissemination Scalability: • This game can be scaled with more topics in sexual and reproductive health • It has been designed in a simple manner to make it scalable in multiple languages • Due to the simplicity of the game, it can also scaled to different geographies even outside India • It will then also move to target all genders, not only women

Technologies used for this project:

Python, Django, Angular.JS, HTML & CSS
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