BBC Takeaway

BBC Takeaway

Organisation: BBC (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 07/18/2014


Takeaway is a mobile-first product aimed at growing engagement among regular and casual users. For regulars, it is a page tailored to the time of day and known interests. For the casual user, suggestions are based on entry point and choices made by similar users. It can be consumed offline or as email. It provides a new, relevant and contextual offer, while meeting our public service obligations. Next steps : We would hope to implement this within a year, once we have studied the feasibility of using new / different analytics systems and aligned the project with other personalisation plans across the BBC.

Technologies used for this project:

**WINNER** The prototype is built in Ruby because it’s lightweight. The demo replicates our site and dynamically inserts a Takeaway module that is contextual. The data for the widget is from Cxense.
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