Best Data Website - The Hindu's Data Tab

Best Data Website - The Hindu's Data Tab

Organisation: The Hindu (India)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015



Data journalism website of the year. The Hindu is a 137-year-old Indian newspaper, the country's third most widely read English newspaper, with a reputation for credibility and integrity. In 2014, we launched The Hindu's Data site ( and have since published several hundred data stories, data blogs ( and data visualisations ( We are the only Indian media organisation with a dedicated data section, and among the few newsrooms globally with a dedicated data journalism section. We have new content virtually every day. In 2014, our biggest stories were on the Indian elections (, on gender issues ( and on the big changes sweeping through India ( & Some of our most popular stories included one on how much Indians really drink (, an investigation into sexual violence (, an interactive infographic on how much kids really learn in schools ( and a ground reporting + data story on India's median electoral candidate ( Data is still hard to get in India, but we use our journalistic resources to draw out the numbers, and our storytelling abilities to take it to the reader. Our stories have been extremely popular, and also made governments sit up and take notice - we've heard from ministers, judges and cops about our stories, and also from countless readers who had always found the Indian media sorely lacking in data-driven reporting. We are a small, young team. Rukmini S is The Hindu's National Data Editor and drives its data journalism, and Preethi Ramamurthy and Sriram S are Web Editors, who focus on adding value, managing the blog and conceptualising and executing graphics that appear on the web.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML/CSS to create basic static infographics; Infogram, Datawrapper, Google Spreadsheets and Tableau for interactive graphics; and Flash and Javascript for complicated interactives
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