In Between in California

In Between in California

Organisation: Al Jazeera America (United States)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015


Category 9: General Excellence (Jurors' Choice) Poverty is often covered from a policy -angle with a focus on government programs and agencies working with the poor. While this is an important effort, it can often portray poor people as an ‘other’ who are either victims of an unjust system or “welfare -queens” who don’t deserve the assistance of wealthier taxpayers. Our project aims to humanize and focus just on those who are dealing with financial hardship in an attempt to return a certain agency to those who are often talked about but seldom talked to. To explain the economic hardship of five 5 different households in California we decided to collect data of their spending, their incomes and their financial decision-making and visualize that data in what one could call “quantified selfies.” We found that using data visualization and a standardized way of querying them about their financial situation was the best way to explain their respective budget issues over time. Thoughts on our approach to poverty reporting can be found here:

Technologies used for this project:

For graphics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript For animated gifs: Google Maps, Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop (display for gifs was done in HTML, CSS and Javascript
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