Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border

Organisation: Guardian US (United States)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015


Texas has become the deadliest state for undocumented immigrants crossing into the US. The Guardian partnered with the Texas Observer for an in-depth look into the humanitarian crisis just north of the border. Complementing writing by the Texas Observer’s Melissa del Bosque, the Guardian built a special four-part series, including video and interactive graphics. In part one, readers can follow the path of an undocumented immigrant travelling to the US. In part two, a coyote’s found cell phone allows readers an intimate glimpse into the human trafficking trade. In part three, readers can see how south Texas became as a new hotspot for immigrant deaths over time and find out how the deceased immigrants found in the Texas brush are identified. In part four, readers can explore key places in Brooks County through our zooming map, which uses a WebGL renderer, allowing for smoother zooms than have been possible with existing technologies. (Note: this project was among the first to use the open source Mapbox GL JS library, and got a write up from their team.)

Technologies used for this project:

The technologies used were: Framework: Javascript / Ractive.js 3D: Three.js Map zooming: Mapbox, WebGL Android SDK HTML5 Video
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