Blackbox Pharmaceutical Research in Europe and Switzerland

Blackbox Pharmaceutical Research in Europe and Switzerland

Organisation: Spiegel (Germany)

Publication Date: 03/11/2015



Journalists from "Spiegel", "De Standaard" and "SRF" joined forces to investigate the European pharmaceutical research construct "Innovative Medicines Initiative" (IMI). This initiative is financed by tax of European countries and Switzerland. The results of the investigation shows: - The EU pays, yet the pharmaceutical industry profits from IMI. - Participating universities and research institutions do have less influence of the research agenda of IMI. - In practice, IMI serves the pharmaceutical industry first - and not the purpose, for which IMI was originally written: to develop therapies and drugs, where there is a lack globally. - The control mechanisms are not transparent, reports are provided only by and to IMI. - Inspectors from the EU and the broader public do not get access by participting pharmaceutical companies not sharing any insights into the details of individual research projects of IMI. Please read more here: SPIEGEL: De Standard: SRF: Team: Maxie Eckert, Nicola Kuhrt, Julian Schmidli, Timo Stukenberg as well as Pascal Biber, Christina Elmer, Timo Grossenbacher, Sylke Gruhnwald, Maximilian Schäfer.

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