Budget 2014: Where Did Your Tax Money Go?

Budget 2014: Where Did Your Tax Money Go?

Organisation: infotimes (Egypt)

Publication Date: 12/29/2014



Open data award. Is an interactive story about the Egyptian fiscal budget over the last five years. I utilised the tree map technique to demonstrate how the Egyptian publics money has been spent by the government. The graphs demonstrate that financial policies of the Egyptian government which is on a downward spiral. In addition to using the tree maps, I used bar, pie and line charts to show the fiscal debt and net loss and interest over a five year period. This project helps to simplify the publics understanding of the Egyptian financial crisis and to better understand the policies the government is enforcing. The story aims to promote transparency and citizen engagement through the analysis and visualisation of information about the public spending in Egypt. Evrey one can see how his taxes are divided between the different parts of government. How much is spent on the various functions of government in total and where?

Technologies used for this project:

Treemaps charts Spredsheets HTML
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