BUYLINE - A Pay As You Go Paywall Tool For Digital Stories

BUYLINE - A Pay As You Go Paywall Tool For Digital Stories

Organisation: Media24 Digital News (South Africa)

Publication Date: 06/09/2014



We built is REVOLUTIONARY a tool that: 1. Allows all content creators to put up a paywall around digital content on article level. 2. Allows the reader to pay through simple mobile phone SMS. Then, as a hack within a hack, we built an interactive Murder Map of South Africa (scraping all Police stats about crime between 2003 and 2012). That is an important story, exposing the disconnect between perceptions around crime and the facts. The purpose of this is to show the kind of content we are no longer willing to just "give away" online, but would like to charge readers the cost of a R1,50 SMS for.

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