Chequeate! A trivia quiz based on fact-checked statements

Chequeate! A trivia quiz based on fact-checked statements

Organisation: Chequeado (Argentina)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



Chequeado is a non-for-profit, independent media organization in Argentina that specializes on fact-checking and data journalism. In 2014, we launched Chequeate!, a trivia game based on the phrases we fact-check. Chequeate! offers two types of questions: “Guess which rating we gave this phrase”, and “Guess who said this phrase.” After each question is presented, the player can open a link to the corresponding article and read about our fact-check. The purpose of Chequeate! is to promote our fact-checks, encourage readers’ interest in the data opened through our articles, informing them through a ludic activity. Chequeate! is available in html version ( and as an mobile app for Android (

Technologies used for this project:

Chequeate! was developed with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Database/cloud: Parse.
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