China Daily European Weekly data journalism page

China Daily European Weekly data journalism page

Organisation: China Daily European Weekly (China)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



Starting from the first issue in 2014, China Daily European Weekly has been running a weekly data journalism page to illustrate topics ranging from the general picture of China's economy, BRICS countries' respective economic prowness, a Chinese city's ambition to gain more international appeal, China-Russia joint sea drill, to interesting data about panda. A team of infographic designers and reporters are involved in the weekly DAJ project, which is still going on. The data journalism page aims to help readers in Europe to gain a better understanding about the world's second largest economy and many other issues pertinent to our international readership. China Daily is the largest English-language newspaper from China, and its European Weekly, with a circulation of 110,000 per issue and distributed in 21 European countries, aims to keep our readers updated about important topics from China as well as the dynamic exchanges between China and Europe. The infographics pages appear first on the print edition, and then on the website.

Technologies used for this project:

The data visualization involves mostly Illustrator and Photoshop. PDF pages are uploaded as well as a doc file, containing some more pages.


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