City Fire

City Fire

Publication Date: 04/10/2015


In 1904 the city of Ålesund burnt down to the ground. 850 wooden houses were wiped out, leaving thousands homeless, but only one life was lost to the flames. The resurrection of the city in Jugend style made Ålesund one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In January 2014 we marked 110 years since the fire, and we made an iPhone app and website dedicated to the topic. The iPhone app contains a video guide through the city, telling stories from the fire night. It's free to download, but the videos are locked - until you come close to a "fire spot" in the city. When you get close, your phone lets you know, and unlock a video - and "puts out" the fire in that particular spot. If you unlocked all videos, you've "put out" the fire - a gaming effect. ou get access to pictures from the fire, and the app lets you take your own photo of the same building, and puts it next to eachother - ready to share in social media. To unlock videos and "help put out the fire" from another place than Ålesund, you pay a onetime fee of one Euro (12 NOK), and all content is unlocked for you to browse through. We had so much to tell about the fire, and decided to make a website where people could learn even more about that historical night. You can read newspapers from 1904, see pictures before, during and after the fire, read and listen to stories told by people who were there, and even an animation - showing how the fire developed - on an original map of Ålesund. Link to app: Link to website:

Technologies used for this project:

The app is programmed in html5 (by Portalia in Ålesund) and made available for iPhone and Android. The videos were shot with a regular Canon camera and edited in Sony Vegas, The designs were made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We programmed the site it in html5 with Zurb foundation for framework. We used an Orbit slider for images, Galleria for image gallery, xStream for video upload and Adobe Edge Animate for animations.


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