Organisation: Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016



National News Network Center of RRI propose the Apps we call it " climAudio"( mobile on Android Version is our Prototype ) .the apps made base on the problem of less priority of news about climatology and enviroment condition in indonesia like a fire forest, sourge sub marine foading , etc . the apss give the information to the public about what happen and how yau addapt and mitigate and do action to keep live and keep enviroment . public is very important subject to inform about sign from nature or what happen in the area can report by voice or social media .and the feed back will be usefull for news development in newsroom. team member : Maulana Isnarto, Nugroho Adi Prasetyo

Technologies used for this project:

Mobile app based on yii framework, HTML5


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