Clube da Saudade

Clube da Saudade

Organisation: Expresso II (Portugal)

Publication Date: 02/27/2015


Imagine the world as it is today, with internet connections from one city to another, in many different countries, creating a network in which you can stand “side by side” with someone who is thousand kilometres away from you. Imagine the books you like, the authors you read and the music that makes you dream. Imagine the cultural habits that you have embraced and grown up with, that makes you what you are and how you see the world. Now… imagine that all of that disappears one day, and that you live in a different country, far away from your own, where people have different habits, different ways of thinking and doing things. How will you live? What will you think? Will you miss the days where you can be with your friends and family? Do you feel the heartache growing on your chest? Of course you do! That is Saudade. Our project intends to spread the Portuguese culture to all corners of the earth, creating debates about books, music and news from Portuguese speaking countries, over Twitter, Facebook and Google Hangouts. We aim to achieve this objective by finding the Portuguese community in the existing social networks, and engage them by proposing a series of discussion topics, and a platform that allows them to debate and discuss those topics with other users from the community.

Technologies used for this project:

Twitter REST API for searching comments and Trending Topics Hangouts On Air for creating videoconferences (not implemented) Facebook Graph REST API for searching comments and Trending Topics Openshift for hosting the application Python for developing the application backend Bootstrap for developing the application frontend


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Very nice project yes :)
Very nice project yes :)
February 27, 2015, 1:59 pm by David Simao

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Very nice project yes :)