The Conflict Of Interest Resolver

The Conflict Of Interest Resolver

Organisation: Correctiv (Germany)

Publication Date: 10/27/2016


»The conflict resolver« is a tool that scrapes scientific journals and extracts the statements on conflicts of interest. It can be used primarily by journalists that can evaluate experts credibility and possible bias. It can also be used by the public as a browser-plugin, when I am reading a story with an expert or if I want to check my doctors conflicts of interest.

Technologies used for this project:

First, we scraped >160000 papers from the »PLOS One« journal with a little python script. The messiest part was to extract the conflict interests data out of the plain text and detect which information belongs to which author. Therefore we wrote an algorithm with a little help from the python natural language processing toolkit (nltk). The website runs with the django-framework.
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