Cooee - Comments into concepts

Cooee - Comments into concepts

Organisation: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia)

Publication Date: 03/04/2016


1 So what’s the problem? The ABC has an audience-centred digital strategy BUT does not integrate its many and millions strong social media audiences to inform and augment its day-to-day publishing decisions. While the ABC is happy to invite audience response, it has yet to find a way to understand it, for example to share knowledge about what is working (or not working) for its millions-strong social media followings between cities, divisions, and digital teams. We want to fix this. 2 ‘Cooee’ (which in the Dharuk language means “come here”) is a real time tool to aggregate, rate and share within the ABC the topics most discussed, mentioned and debated across ALL its native and third party platforms, scraping twitter, Facebook, google + and the ABC's own comment streams to inform commissions, recommendations, UGC callouts and scheduling of posts, and provide a truly national context for its storytelling. 3 WHO WOULD IT HELP? THE ABC’S ​Journalists, Editors, Moderators, Producers​. At the moment moderators in Sydney working on the Facebook homepage have no idea what is succeeding or failing on other channels. There is no shared sense of what is working throughout the ABC network, or how best to communicate success or failure between teams, cities and divisions, nor how to coordinate a publishing strategy (social and native) in real time. 4 The ABC can do better, for its audience and with what its audiences provide: after all the ABC has some of the largest social media audience engagement numbers in Australia: · Over a million followers for ABC news on Twitter · Over 1.8 million likes for ABC news on Facebook · Over a million for Triple J on Facebook, and 330K on Youtube · The ABC homepage has 400k plus likes 7 And here is the opportunity On these platforms – and on Google +, Instagram, and many more - ABC audiences debate and discuss and occasionally disturb the peace, writing tens of thousands of words every day, uploading images, footage, reporting real news, forming communities 8 This level of exposure to its audience presents an extraordinary resource for its content creators and editorial decision makers better attend to its audience’s interests, enthusiasms, anxieties, and appetites.Yet …. 9 … The ABC is largely deaf to it. We want to divert those rivers of comment and content into the newsroom and moderation and production teams, and around the country rather than have them flow past, largely unexamined. 10 To the solution… Cooee will surface and aggregate and rate the topics trends and debates, the hot spots, and locate the experts, comments and appetites of the combined ABC social audiences and share the information with all ABC journalists, editors, moderators and producers no matter where they are. And we it can also share the information with its native audiences, too. It will turn comments into concepts.

Technologies used for this project:

Node ExpressJS Facebook API Watson Content Insights API Twitter API Wikipedia API Any available content APIs / feeds to bypass need to scrape AWS
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