Damage Estimation for the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Damage Estimation for the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Organisation: The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Publication Date: 06/04/2014



The project is about visualizing the effects of the biggest earthquake expected to hit Japan, while delivering users what is expected to happen in their home towns. In the biggest infographic, we have located the height of tsunami in bar graphs along the coast line to show the impact of the disaster intuitively. As the users find out the picture in whole, they can also find out the effects in their hometown by choosing the prefecture and the city in the top selector. Estimated damages such as number of deaths, refugees, collapsed buildings and stopped infrastructures are also provided in each town, so that viewers would be alerted to get prepared in advance.

Technologies used for this project:

Interactive design was mainly done by Javascript. We mainly used jQuery for library, also using D3 for controlling the graph on estimated damage for each prefecture. Large info graphics and maps were designed by our graphic designers using Illustrator and Photoshop.

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