Data: Who is running for a different party than in last elections?

Data: Who is running for a different party than in last elections?

Organisation: Czech Radio (Czech Republic)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015



We received data from the Czech Statistical Office – the referee of the whole administrative processes of election – which were data of all candidates who were trying to reach out to voters not only in the last communcal elections (October 2014) but also during the previous elections (2010). With regards to the fact that between 2010 and 2014 significant changes on the political scene took place in the Czech Republic (i.e. traditional political parties were losing their position; new movements were formed; independent subjects were gaining momentum), we intended to examine whether or not the individual candidates were shifting sides from one political party to another, depending on what carried advantages for them. It proved it be right for a great number of them. By clicking into the map you can see the details of the candidate lists, showing the number of candidates, the number of those who changed the political party, and the breakdown of that number in percentage. On the map you can see both cities/municipalities, or magistrates. By selecting "magistrates" you can view the actual candidate list. By selecting cities/municipalities you can zoom in and out within the map, looking at various parts of the Czech Republic, assessing the data. The article was successfully received. Its reach was over 24.000 views of the webpage which is very extraordinary, almost a record number. The application was used by readers from time to time even after the elections were over. The biggest reach and interest was recorded during the first days since publication. Authors of the project: Jan Boček, Jan Cibulka, Marcel Šulek Category: 1 (Data visualisation of the year) Czech Version: English Version:

Technologies used for this project:

data from Czech Statistical Office, analysis in R, visualisation utilizing D3.js, Leaflet and Mapbox UTFGrid
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