DATAFEST 2014 – Opening, mining and Visualizing Public Data (Argentina)

DATAFEST 2014 – Opening, mining and Visualizing Public Data (Argentina)

Organisation: LA NACION / UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL (Argentina)

Publication Date: 04/07/2015



#OpenData On October 31 and November 1st, 2014, La Nación and Austral University (Faculties of Communication and Engineering (Data Mining) carried out the third edition of Datafest, the first event in the country for opening, mining and visualizing public data, which gathered more than 300 participants per day. This event is aimed to promote the use of public information, no matter what format it´s in. LA NACION Data team prepares and opens data specially for it, including data dictionaries to explain each dataset and it´s sources. This is summarized as links to different datasets, but also available in our Open Data Catalog for other to download, embed or access through our API. The Nacional and City of Buenos Aires governments presented new datasets available in open data format, and LNData team presented and explained other datasets tranformed from PDFs and opened as raw materials for data miners. The agenda included conferences and open workshops with national and international speakers. At the same time, multidisciplinary teams were formed aimed at working and analyzing available public databases, in order to develop interactive applications and visualizations so as to bring this information to the citizenship. So during the event, –journalists, data miners, designers, programmers and other experts- worked on issues related to Public Expenses, Education, Legislative Activity, Judicial Activity, Political Activity, among others. Get ALL the information in the presentation and project URLs.
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