De reactie

De reactie

Organisation: VRT (Belgium)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014



We select each day 1 news video from our site (watching them entirely is required). At the end of the video, an icon will appear to add your own subtitles to that video. You'll see the same video, only the sound will be different. (the speaker(s) will produce a nonexistent language). Then we ask our users to create a new story, based on the images they see, by adding their own subtitles. (Remember the famous scene from the movie “Der untergang”). Those creations will be “sharable” on every popular social network, including a link to the original video. It will also be possible to vote for the video you like best. Items about war and suffering will never be used. Inappropriate subtitles can be flagged and moderated afterwards.

Technologies used for this project:

We use a Node.js-script to activate video-processing software in the backend. First of all the audio is analysed to detect sentences, for every new sentence, a start and stop timecode and a screengrab is saved to a JSON file. As a fun extra, we also use the audio analyser to reverse every sentence indevidualy. In the font-end we use JavaScript to process the JSON file and to create an interface in which the user can enter subtitles for every timecode/sentence, we then render everything to a subtitle format and play the video.
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