Organisation: TOM14 (Ukraine)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


Declarations project seeks, verifies and digitalizes income declarations of Ukrainian officials, and later publishes them is searchable format, provides tools for simple analytics. Although Ukrainian laws states that income declarations of public official are open information, they cannot be found in digital and searchable format At best, there will be pdf - scanned copy of handwritten document, which can hardly be understood and used by journalists. The projects obtains copies of the declarations via Freedom of Information Act requests, makes them digital with the help of more than 300o volunteers and makes them public and searchable on the website. Now has over 19000 thousands of income declarations

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

The project is unique in many ways. It is the first and only project in Ukraine that - works with such a big scope of income declarations; - unites more than 5000 volunteers who help digitalize handwritten pdfs; - sues for access to income declarations of Ukrainian public officials (law defines this information as open, however very few officials shares this information eagerly); - provides facts and documents for journalists to further investigate. It also gave birth to the idea of digital declaring, moreover our developer and analyst developed a prototype of this digital declaration form. This idea has been lobbied by public activists and later voted by the parliament. From this year on all public officials will be obliged to fill in the digital form of income declaration.

Technologies used for this project:

Python, math. Brain, crowd, charisma )
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