Organisation: Deepr [Team prior.] (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


The millennials often skip the politics section of the news. Why are young readers, even those who wish to find out more about actual politics, profoundly discouraged to read political news? The blame could be on the heavy and tedious tone of the articles, rampant use of perplexing jargons, and most importantly, the lack of context. Deeptionary, a crowdsourcing-based dictionary platform that also curates relevant news, will offer easy and entertaining user-generated explanations that help young readers effortlessly grasp the ongoing context. Once words start making sense, users will be motivated to actually read about politics, and eventually grow interest in direct participation in politics. Deeptionary will pick out and display on its main page a few ‘Words of the Day’, a set of vocabulary that is trending in Naver news (Korean online web portal) and Twitter trends. Users can freely add their own definitions or any new vocabulary, describing their understanding of the word’s political context in various formats like brief text within 100 characters, links to articles or editorials, embedded tweets, and YouTube videos, and memes supported by GIPHY API. Users will be able to see how people comprehend certain terms, different definitions of the same word, and even track the change of people’s understanding over the course of time—all of which will assist users to digest the intricate political news. In addition to the web platform, we will provide chrome extensions that will allow embedding of Deeptionary, so it could always stay by the users’ side whenever they need assistance, generating a continuous cycle of word digestion and news consumption. We will share our data’s API and the chrome extension as an open source project, to create an open news ecosystem that would encourage and increase the public consumption of political news and general interest in politics.

Technologies used for this project:

The prototype was developed using the following programming languages: Python (django framework), Javascript, HTML, and CSS
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