deTour de France

deTour de France

Organisation: (Romania)

Publication Date: 05/31/2018


Our project tackles the problem of covering major sporting competitions in cycling - like the Tour de France, La Vuelta (Spain) and Il Giro (Italy). All these events have a sporting format that, by itself, makes the sport difficult to follow. The Tour de France, for example, takes place over a period of three weeks, each day, for 6 to 7 hours / day. To add to the problem, there are several stages during a cycling competition in which nothing really important happens. We asked ourselves: how can we use the context of the competition to attract readers that are not die-hard fans of professional cycling? The solution, as we imagined (and prototyped) it, is a mobile app that uses gameplay experience to provide real-time info on what is happening during the particular stages of the Tour de France. In order to expose the reader to the news story, we'll give him/her the chance to compete as a virtual rider along the real bikers. Basically, after downloading the app the user will create a profile and start the race (exactly when the actual competition starts). The app will provide stage maps for each of the Tours stages as the competition progresses. During a competition day, the user receives two types of notifications: those related to what is actually happening in the race; but also those related to contextual information about places the stage takes you through. We call these "points of interest" - and the idea is to give the user fun facts, historical info and cultural exposure as the competition passes by different landmarks. At the start of every Tour de France stage the user is given a summary of the stage - and also some info on what it takes to finish the stage (in terms of calories intake, oxygen consumption etc). Also, each day the user has the possibility to take a quiz (about cycling facts) - with the good answers giving the user speed bonuses. The user begins each stage with the average speed of last year's Tour (depending on the stage format: flat, time trial, climbing). At the end of the day, the user will be given a recap of the stage, with info about what happened, standings and jersey wearers, but also about his personal timing. The user can invite friends into the app in order to ride with them in the Tour. Generally, the app targets casual bikers, but also non-bikers that believe pro cycling is not only about competition, but also about cultural exposure. The average user should have a smartphone and should be open to unconventional reporting - by which we mean a mix of what is actually happening in the competition and the whole Tour de France experience. The app provides: the stage map; daily quizzes; a "Ride with your friends" option; the archive of previous stages; info about the general standings; and a "The Tour explained" section (meant to provide general info on the competition format).

Technologies used for this project:

We have developed a cross-platform mobile app prototype using the React Native toolset. In choosing this we considered both the speed of delivery, the maintainability of the app and the existing skill set of our team. We plan to integrate external services like Google Earth and Google Street View, as well as social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance the gameplay.
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