Diario de Navarra LOL

Diario de Navarra LOL

Organisation: El Diario de Navarra (Spain)

Publication Date: 03/04/2017


Diario de Navarra LOL is a tool thought for the Generation Z. This tool tries to catch the younger attention in political issues. The main idea is: why we should give young people only 'soft news' if we can give them hard news in a soft distribution way. We are giving political news and the center is a video platform: this video can be customized as many as the users want. The user can include stickers (LOL, OMG, LMAO, WTF...) on the video (just like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, but using a information video as a basis. They can comment in a second and their comments get registered. Also, they can vote other's comments, create and autobuild a community of young people talking/commenting political issues. The third way they can customize the video is with a 'beef', usually used in rap music, as a confrontation between two singers: they can insert a selfie video, or a photo with a short reaction. In 10 seconds, they can be informed about political issues with a short video, and the distribution way is "young friendly". When they have completed their video with the customization, they can share it as an Instagram Stories (also in Snapchat), they can provide to their friends and followers information in 10 seconds, fully personalized. We want to give young people information in the way that they usually consume it: in social media, in a visual way, and in a short time. It can be used with breaking news and also as a way of storytelling adapted to our young readers. The monetization plan is through traffic and stay in a web. All the customization process is made in our web, so we could get high ratings making them stay few minutes.

Technologies used for this project:

We've used HTML5 / CSS / JAVASCRIPT / PYTHON / MATERIALIZECSS to build our project.


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