Organisation: Formicablu (Italy)

Publication Date: 06/09/2014


#digischool is an application meant to link italian education politics and policies with data driven information and bottom up evaluation of school digitalisation. #digischool is based on a postgreSQL database and an openstreetmap map cartography. The database is fed with data coming from the ministry of education, istat and other official sources as well as from users. The user can explore #digischool choosing a school based on info on its digital equipment, official evaluation (OCSE-PISA results) and geo-localization. But it can also confirm/confute informations using a feedback mechanism. Finally, he/she can navigate the schools in his/her areas on a map. The school map can be overlayed with other info: broadband map, mobility map and so on. Also, the app contains additional content on the laws that have been implemented in Italy along its recent history with specific info on the content of each law. The final aim is to have a tool to evaluate the advancement of the digitalisation and innovation implemented at political level within italian school system.

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