disaster coverage network

disaster coverage network

Organisation: Yahoo JAPAN (Japan)

Publication Date: 05/21/2017


We made "disaster coverage network" which is emergency network system for newsroom. Using this system, newsroom can overlook information of disaster area and use it for efficiently disaster coverage. The problem, we think, is lack of information or the information bias especially in emergency situation. To solve this problem, we made system that is plotting the coverage of news from not only particular newsroom also all newsroom of our country on the map in real time.This system also plot tweet from victim. So you can check the lack of information by comparing news and tweet. This system is also useful for victim because it could be "real time fact check system" by comparing news which is reliable news and tweet which is dubious information. In the feature,we hope to cooperate with all newsroom for disaster coverage to using this service.

Technologies used for this project:

Languages: html, css, javascript, python Framework: flask Dababase: MySQL API: Google Maps API, Google Cloud Natural Language API
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