Documentary serial "Green patrol in action"

Documentary serial "Green patrol in action"

Organisation: Green initiative of Vojvodina (Serbia)

Publication Date: 03/17/2015



We are addressing you in the name of nongovernmental organization Green Initiative of Vojvodina (Vojvodjanska zelena inicijativa). Our NGO has been producing a TV documentary serial called “Green Patrol in Action” for a few years. The serial has been broadcast on a national TV station, B92 Info, since 2010.and TV Vojvodina, since 2014. In the meantime, increased interest in the public for “Green Patrol in Action” driven other TV stations to start broadcasting the show and some 70 regional and local TV stations in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia (TV Tera Bitola), Australia (TV MIS, Sydney), USA (TeslaVision, Los Angeles), Austria (Okto TV, Vienna) do the same at present. Furthermore, Radio Beograd, a national radio station, has been broadcasting the reports made by “Green Patrol” in its show “Cekajuci vetar” (Waiting for Wind), as well as another public broadcaster, Radio Television of Vojvodina in its show “Kuda ide Vojvodina” (Where Does Vojvodina Go). Forty three 30-minute episodes and 45 short reports were produced and televised until now. The serial was financed by the Fund for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia,Heinrich Boll Foundation and the Embassy of Finland in Belgrade. Despite the great success and the important results achieved by the serial in the past three years, due to political instability and poor economic conditions in the country we were unable to secure funding to continue filming and broadcasting. It would be very necessary and valued to continue with filming of this serial, which responds to the needs of citizens and civic associations in Serbia. Specifically, these are the people and organizations that are faced with the problem of environmental pollution and deterioration of living and do not have access to the media, the public, decision makers and institutions, but fight for the protection of the environment and quality of life. The aim of the serial is to make problems in the field of environmental protection visible, to foster faster and better solutions. In 2013 we have produced the fourth continuation of the TV serial „Green Patrol in Action“ with the title „What happened later“ by making footages from the places where we were before and again record in the field what happened after broadcasting our TV show. The link for that TV shows cycle „Green Patrol in Action – What Happened Later“ which consists of 40 half-an-hour shows is ( In the last six months our TV serial has won the most important journalist acknowledgements in Serbia: a) Special acknowledgment on Jahorina Film Fest in Pale, in September 2013; b) Special acknowledgement on European Environmental Festival in Kardzhali, Bulgaria for the documentary film „I Have a Dream – One Day With Etela Merk”; c) The third place on 18th Interfer in Apatin for the TV show „Gunaroš – Are the Children Safe in the School Yard?” in October 2013; d) The first prize for the environmental protection coverage for the TV serial „Green Patrol in Action” on the SKGO media contest; e) Special acknowledgement on the UNS-The Association of Journalists of Serbia media contest for the documentary serial „Green Patrol in Action”, in December 2013; f) Winner of the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation media contest „What is Serbia Silent About?”, in March 2014; g) Winner of the REC - Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europemedia contest, within SENSE program, for the documentary TV serial „Green Patrol in Action”, in April 2014. . Some of the episodes you can watch at the links below: and documentary

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