Dog Map: Find the top pooch in your postcode

Dog Map: Find the top pooch in your postcode

Publication Date: 03/04/2015



The British have a reputation for being a nation of dog lovers and in the first canine census of its kind the BBC has shown that your postcode really can play a role in which puppy you pick. Analysing the data from more than five million microchipped dogs over the past 10 years the BBC created an original interactive map to illustrate which dog breeds live where using the confines of postcode regions. The scrollable map shows a changing list of the top five dogs in every postcode area across the British Isles and offers a current and accurate picture of the dog population and the trends of a nation. The map was accompanied by coverage on BBC Breakfast, the News Channel, BBC Radio Four and Five as well as across BBC English regions local radio, where listeners called in to discuss which factors played a part in the dog they selected. There was a day of social media discussions on Facebook and Twitter with #DogMap trending in London as well as an interactive quiz published the following day. The overall time readers spent using the Dog Map on the first day of publication equated to 1,114,618 minutes or two years and 44 days. Within the first 24 hours it became the most shared and most read story on the BBC website, gaining more than 1.4m hits and getting shared 16,000 times.

Technologies used for this project:

BBC Content Production System (CPS), Excel, Photoshop, Python, R, Qgis, Open Refine, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
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