Duc-Quang Nguyen data stories portfolio

Duc-Quang Nguyen data stories portfolio

Organisation: swissinfo.ch (Switzerland)

Publication Date: 04/14/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


NOTE, LIVE LINK IS SOMEHOW BROKEN. PLEASE USE: http://dqn.website/gen_portfolio.html. This page shows some of my work published in 2015 and 2016 for swissinfo.ch. As the sole "data-journalist" in my newsroom, these projects illustrate data-journalism on a shoe string for an international public service media. Topics covered: Migration/asylum, direct democracy, federal elections, climate, Swiss cinema, … Given the media I work for, swissinfo.ch which is part of the International Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, there are editorial and technical challenges to my work. Editorially, swissinfo.ch has for mandate to explain Switzerland or the Swiss point of view on global issue to non-domestic readers and foreigners living in Switzerland. I produce hence a lot of explanatory journalism on "dry" political topics: federal elections, direct democracy, ... swissinfo.ch is published in 10 languages including right-to-left arabic. This is a technical challenge to setup a lean workflow to quickly create interactive data visualisations in all these languages. My data-stories are routinely in the top read stories of our website. Not only for latin languages, but also in languages such as Russian or Japanese. Even for "dry" Swiss topics for which page view is usually low, there is typically an important engagement and page views for my data stories.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Technically: a lean and quick workflow to create interactive data visualisations and data-driven stories in 10 languages (including right-to-left arabic) based on one programming language R. Editorially: use data to explain and/or investigate in-depth dry (direct democracy, climate change, federal elections, Swiss cinema, … ) or complex topics (migration, asylum, …) in an engaging way.

Technologies used for this project:

I wrote a whole post about the tools and technologies I use: https://medium.com/@dqn/what-i-use-for-data-driven-journalism-4333364db944#.ho41kcz51 Tabula, Google Refine, CSS, datawrapper and R above all. In a nutshell, I use almost exclusively the programming language R. I use it for exploratory data analysis. I use packages such as rCharts or htmlwidgets for the binding to javascript to create interactive graphics. As an example of how I use R: For the first graphic of this story: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/data-story_2015--when-the-wave-of-migrants-reached-europe/41844230. One R script: - fetches the latest data from Eurostat using their API - load all the translation text - create the interactive graphic in 10 languages - R code for this story: https://github.com/d-qn/2015_12_02_retrospectiveAsile
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