Duncan Clark & Robin Houston Portfolio 2015-2016

Duncan Clark & Robin Houston Portfolio 2015-2016

Organisation: Kiln (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016

Size of team/newsroom:small


Duncan Clark and Robin Houston of Kiln have published the following publicly available projects since the last DJA awards. (A few of these have also been submitted as standalone entries.) Listed in reverse chronological order. • Shipmap.org April 2016, for UCL http://shipmap.org An extremely ambitious WebGL-based animated map plotting 250 million shipping positions atop a unique base map • Panama Papers: The Power Players (with Tom Longmate and the ICIJ team) March 2016, for the ICIJ and media partners globally https://projects.icij.org/panama-papers/power-players/ A multilingual story-and-data browser created to showcase the key 70 cases in the Panama Papers, the world's biggest ever leak • The EU Intergenerational Fairness Index 2016 March 2016, for the Intergenerational Foundation http://index2016.if.org.uk An animated interactive visualisation of the index and related demographic data, with Talkie introduction • Britain's Diet in Data Feb 2016, for the ODI http://britains-diet.labs.theodi.org A mini-project using an animated grid of 'small multiples' charts to explore the changing composition of the British diet since 1974 • The Financial Inclusion Map Nov 2016, for the Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network http://gu.com/p/4eakx/stw A multimedia hexagon cartogram map exploring financial inclusion and exclusion around the world • Death on the Roads Oct 2015, for the World Health Organisation http://kiln.digital/projects/roads A journalistic presentation, map and data explorer based on the WHO's global survey of road deaths and related laws • Digital Divide: The Data Sep 2015, for SciDev.net http://scidev.live.kiln.digital/digitaldivide/ The innovative Talkie graphic at the heart of SciDev.net's Hidden Digital Divide project • The Non-Gas Map June 2015, for National Grid and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change http://nongasmap.org.uk A super-detailed (postcode-level) map combining gigabytes of public data to locate UK homes in need of better energy services

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Duncan and Robin's work seeks to combines cutting-edge technology, advanced visualisation techniques and journalistic storytelling. On the technology side, this year's innovations have included smoothly animating a quarter of a billion data points by 'streaming' binary-encoded data files to the browser to render in WebGL (in shipmap.org). On the visualisation side, innovations have included hex-binning dozens of Gastner-Newman cartograms to produce the Financial Inclusion Map. And on the storytelling side, we've continued to innovate around multimedia visualisation using our own Talkie open-source library to combine voice and music with interactive graphics. All of our projects are responsive and fully functional on a mobile phone.

Technologies used for this project:

JavaScript, Python, Mapnik, Node, D3, PostGres, Talkie, etc
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