Earth Alert

Earth Alert

Organisation: France 24 - RFI (France)

Publication Date: 06/18/2015


International news organizations France 24 and RFI are proposing a free mobile application called “Earth Alert” (the Android version is our prototype). Our concept is based on crowdsourcing, meaning that users are the source of information. Members of the general public are invited to submit alerts – what we call an “Earth Alert” – over a sustainable development concern in their country, city, town or village. These Earth Alerts are divided into three categories: economic issues, social issues and environmental issues. Our proposed mobile application classifies Earth Alerts by those that are 1) latest, 2) rising in number and 3) the top concern. A map highlights the areas from where the alerts have been sent. Users can take a photo or video and send us their content with a brief description of the problem. They share their Earth Alert via social media and collect votes (or ‘likes’). After a certain number of votes and alerts, journalists from France 24 and RFI visit the area to do an in-depth report on the problem and bring it to a wider global audience. The app could conceivably extend to partnerships with other news organizations, online petition tools or host sponsored campaigns for NGOs.

Technologies used for this project:

Mobile application (the Android version is our prototype) Android Material Design REST/Json Videos Sounds SQLite Deeplinks Google Maps + Geolocalization Google Cloud Messaging Facebook SDK
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