Ebola - Go

Ebola - Go

Organisation: Vanguard (Nigeria)

Publication Date: 11/25/2014


The project is an information apps which gives the users all relevant information need on Ebola. Such information as news, write ups, photos videos, data etc. The project is web , mobile and SMS based There is also a short code for Phone users where there Is no internet, such phone users will send SMS *5215# which means EBOLA to the short code there they will get a list of information as to what we think is need NEWS EBOLA PREVENTIVE MEASURES FIND A DOCTOR FIND TREATMENT CENTRES Others It also connect the users to doctors and doctors to users as well as hospitals. Our apps draws information from all relevant site that have things to do with Ebola and other health issues

Technologies used for this project:

Andriod and IOS SDK


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